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Contents of Kits

All our counted cross stitch kits contain the following as standard:

FABRIC: Zweigart-brand 14 count Aida (blockweave) fabric, except the Tornado which is on 16 count, though 14 count is available as an option. The fabric is white with the exceptions of the Concorde which is on Sky Blue, the badges which are on black, the V-Bombers which are on Ecru, and the motocycle which is on Ecru.

THREAD: DMC-brand stranded cottons, ready-sorted on thread organisers, which are pinted with the key ready to use.

NEEDLE: Good quality suitable blunt tapestry needle.

CHARTS: Easy-to-follow and easy-to-handle charts, with enlargements where necessary. No folds.

PICTURE: Colour picture of finished stitching in frame, printed on the cover sheet.

INSTRUCTIONS: Full instructions. There is a general How To sheet which includes instructions and diagrams for absolute beginners, and instructions which apply to all kits. There is also a specific instruction sheet, giving instructions which apply to the particular kit, as well as some information about the aircraft depicted.

ALTERNATIVE FABRIC: If you prefer, we can replace the white 14 count aita with Zweigart 28 count Cashel 100% linen evenweave fabric in white at 3 extra per kit. This fabric has a naturally occurring slightly slub effect.

STITCHES: All our counted cross stitch kits contain only whole stitches - THERE ARE NO FIDDLEY PART STITCHES. Most designs contain some back stitches. The Mosquito and Hunter do not contain any back stitches.

MEASUREMENTS AND FRAMES: The aircraft in our kits vary in size but generally all designs of the same price fit the same frames. We give the measurements of the kits and of the frames in the kit and frame details and state the frames that fit for the particular design.

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