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AvidHiPro FAQ

Customers' frequently asked questions and our answers. We have divided these into three sections: Ordering Problems and Advice, Our Service and Stitching/Framing Advice

Ordering Problems and Advice

Q. Can I order by telephone?

A. No. We have chosen to give our customers the maximum security and protection for their payment details by not handling or accessing any payment details, and no details stored anywere. All payments go through a secure online payment gateway, called SagePay where nobody can see your details. Payments can be made by credit or debit card or by PayPal. With all credit and debit card payments we have 3D Secure enabled so as to ensure only the cardholder is using the card. All types of payment are also fraud checked. 3D Secure cannot be used for telephone orders.

Q. There are more products in my basket/cart than I want, and it will not change. How can I get it to change?

A. You can remove an item by clicking the Remove box, and you can change the quantity by changing the number in the Quantity box. In both cases you MUST CLICK UPDATE for this to happen. The Update button is further down the page on the left, on the same line as Checkout Now on the right.

Q. Do you have a shop other than the online one?

A. No. The online shop is our only shop and the only way of buying from us. HOWEVER you can COLLECT from us. To do this, place the order online, type in the shipping note that you would like to collect. We will then refund the carriage charge that you will have paid online, pack the goods ready and email you to say that the goods are ready to collect and confirming the refund. Our premises are open for collections from 8.30 am to 3.45 pm Monday to Friday, but not Bank Holidays. Our premises are manned at other times, but not for collections. When placing an order on a working day for collection the same day, please allow at least 30 minutes between placing the order and being able to collect.

Q. Do you have a printed catalogue?

A. No. Very full details of all our many products are given on our website and can only be ordered online.

Q. I am concerned about security on your website as there is no padlock.

A. We do not collect or handle or access any payment details on our website. All payments are done securely via SagePay.

Q. I have placed an order and paid, but not received any confirmations emails from you. Have you received the order?

A. When you place an order and your payment is successful and complete, then you are automatically sent a confirmation email by us to say that we have received the order. If you do not receive this email the reasons could be one of the following:

a. You mis-typed your email address. We ask you to enter your email address twice in the Checkout, but unfortunately some people copy/paste the second one, which defeats the purpose.

b. The email was filtered by you or your internet service provider as spam so you didn't see it. Adding our email address to your permitted emailers may help with this.

c. Your payment was not completed successfully. When paying by credit or debit card there are two phases to the payment; firstly the part on SagePay where you enter your card details, and secondly the part on your bank or card issuer's website where you answer security questions (3D Secure). Both these parts have to be completed successfully before payment comes through to us. If you have a problem on the 3D Secure page, there is usually a link to click supplied by your bank, otherwise you could ring your bank. Obviously we are not involved with anything between you and your bank, as this is secret between you. If you are unsure as to whether an order/payment has gone through, you are welcome to ring or email us to check.

Our Service

Q. If I order now, when will it be delivered?

A. Full details about this are given when you click Delivery lower left of every page, for example, or when you click Despatch and Delivery near the top of the page. It depends on the time that you order, your location and which of the delivery options that you choose. Orders placed by 3.00 pm on a working day are despatched that day, and orders placed after 3.15 pm are despatched the next working day.

Q. What is a "working day"?

A. A working day is Monday to Friday but not Bank Holidays.

Q. Can I have the despatch/delivery of my order delayed so that I do not receive delivery before a date?

A. Yes. When placing your order, type in the shipping note box that you would not like delivery before xx date.

Q. Can I register on the website and be able to view previous orders and track the progress of my current order?

A. No. We do not have a registration system on this website; you cannot register or login. However, you can click Remember Me in the Checkout so that you address details are saved on your computer to autofill next time, provided that you are using the same computer and have no deleted your cookies. You can also click Save in your basket and then next time click Retrieve, with the same provisions as Remember Me. This is useful for finishing an order that you started earlier. You are kept well informed about the progress of your order, getting an automatic confirmation email instantly, followed shortly after by an "order shipped" email with tracking details, and are sent emails by the carrier on the day of delivery.

Q. Apart from the emails and tracking, is there another way of seeing the progress of my order?

A. Yes. On our website, upper right, click on Recent Orders. Enter the order number in the top box and your delivery postcode in the lower box. Wait a moment and your recent orders will appear, with details of the progress and tracking details if relevant. Clicking on the order number will then bring up the details of your order, address details, products ordered and total.

Stitching and Framing Advice

Q. I am a complete beginner. Will I be able to stitch your kits?

A. All our designs can be stitched by complete beginners. There is a How To sheet with each kit, which contains illustrated instructions for stitching cross stitch and back stitch. There is also a specific instruction sheet for the particular kit, with further explicit help. The Aida blockweave fabric is easier for beginners than the even weave option. The threads are all ready-sorted for you and are in position ready-to-use on the thread card, which has the key on it, the symbols for the thread shades relating to the symbols on the charts. The charts are very clear and both small scale and large scale.

Q. My frame has arrived but it has scratches all over it. Please replace.

A. The acrylic glass (does not break in the post like glass, and is lighter) has polythene sheets closely adhering to both sides of it. This polythene should be removed by you from both sides during framing. You could use a thumb nail to start the peeling from an edge. Once the polythene has been removed from both sides you will see that the "glass" is clear of any scratches.

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